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STS Commercials Ltd have a strong relationship with their finance lenders, Close Brothers Motor Finance.

Close Brothers Motor Finance are a leading finance company with over 30 years of continuous presence in the market.

They were founded in 1988, and became a leading, independent point of sale finance company with a successful reputation within the motor finance industry.

Their sole mission is to make it easy for you to buy your next vehicle helping over 80,000 customers get on the road.

Finance Options

Close Brothers Motor Finance offer various finance options for you:

Finance solutions:
- The process is quick and easy – you could drive away the same day
- You receive enhanced rights from an asset-secured loan
- You’ll get a fixed rate of interest, unlike some credit cards
- You can spread the cost of high-value purchases
- You can budget better and set savings aside for a rainy day

They promise to deliver three key areas of service:

Making motor finance easy: Easy to deal with, we're here to enable you to get the vehicle you want. From applying for finance to settling your agreement, we'll work hard to ensure a seamless journey so that you find dealing with us hassle-free and straightforward.

Treating you as an individual: We aim to understand our customers as individuals, and that's why we take a unique approach to underwriting so that we can look at your needs on an individual basis. We also know the different types of customers and the products and services most relevant to you. And we're here should things go wrong.

A lender you can trust: Using our experience and expertise, we'll make the right lending decisions for you. The relationships we build add value and we're here to support you for the long run.
We work closely and seamlessly with our partners to help our customers drive the vehicle they want.

For further information, contact us or visit their website.

Close Brothers Finance
Close Brothers Finance
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